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Telemundo’s new scripted drama ‘La Doña’ premieres in November 29

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Starring Aracely Arámbula, David Chocarro, Danna Paola and Rebecca Jones, the Series Reflects the Life of Hundreds of Thousands of Women Who are Victims of Gender Violence Every Day and Struggle to Rebuild Their Lives.

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Telemundo announced the premiere of the scripted drama series “La Doña,” starring Aracely Arámbula, David Chocarro, Danna Paola and Rebecca Jones, Tuesday, November 29 at 9pm/8c.


The ambitious production is a story inspired by the classic novel “Doña Bárbara” by Rómulo Gallegos, was written and adapted by José Vicente Spataro, directed by Carlos Villegas, and produced by Mariana Iskandarani and Gabriela Valentan.

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“La Doña” is a tale of revenge, ambition and seduction that centers on Altagracia (Arámbula), an elegant, beautiful and successful woman who runs a construction empire and enjoys widespread respect in society.

A series of major traumas early in life left their mark on Altagracia and turned her into the implacable “Doña” she is today.

The show’s theme song, also titled “La Doña” was written by singer-songwriter Samuel Parra (Samo) with Gianko Gómez, Edgar Barrera and Andrés Castro and is performed by the series’ star, Aracely Arámbula.

In addition to its lead cast, the production features a stellar lineup of supporting actors, among them: Rafael Sánchez Navarro, Gabriela Roél, Odiseo Bichir, Diego Soldano, Fátima Molia, Andrea Martí, Carlos Torres, José María Galeano, Daniela Bascopé, Mauricio Isaac, María del Carmen Félix, Michelle Olvera, Leo Deluglio, Mario Moran, Roberto Quijano, Aquiles Cervantes, David Medel, Simone Victoria, Claudio Roca, Mayra Sierra, Juan Ríos Cantú, and Gonzálo Guzmán.

“La Doña” is an original Telemundo production made by Argos Television.

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