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Know the cast of La reina del Sur 2 – in its second season – PHOTOS

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The cast of the second season of La Reina del Sur has as protagonists Kate del Castillo, Raoul Bova and Paola Núñez

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Shot on location in seven countries, the return of “La Reina del Sur” is set eight years since powerful drug trafficker Teresa Mendoza disappeared into the U.S. Federal Witness Protection Program after bringing down Mexican presidential candidate Epifanio Vargas.

Hers is now a life of total anonymity in Italy as “Maria Dantes,” peacefully raising her daughter Sofia in the Tuscan village of Massa Marittima. However her life takes an unexpected turn and she will do the impossible to reclaim her throne as La Reina del Sur.


“What made ‘La Reina del Sur’ a success is the storyline,” said del Castillo. A beautiful story about a woman who is an anti-heroine that fights for her life. This is a new ‘Teresa.’ It is her love for her daughter that is the strongest aspect of her continuing story. Now she’s confronting all these people in order to get her daughter back. I’m amazed about what we’ve done with the new season. Fans around the world are going to be blown away. This is ‘La Reina del Sur’ reloaded!”

La Reina del Sur 2, characters and actors in the second season of one of Telemundo’s most successful series

  1. Kate del Castillo is Teresa Mendoza
  2. Raoul Bova as Francesco Belmondo (Lupo)
  3. Isabella Sierra as Sofía Dantes
  4. Humberto Zurita as Epifanio Vargas
  5. Kika Edgar as Genoveva Alcala
  6. Mark Tacher as Alejandro Alcala
  7. Flavio Medina as Zurdo Villa
  8. Paola Nuñez as Manuela (Kira)
  9. Eric Roberts as Erick Sheldon
  10. Tiago Correa as Jonathan Peres
  11. Patricia Reyes Spíndola as Carmen Martínez
  12. Luisa Gavasa as Cayetana Segovia
  13. Eduardo Santamarina as Mariano Bravo
  14. Eduardo Yánez as Antonio Alcala
  15. Aitor Luna as Pedro
  16. and Alex Speitzer as Ray Dávila

Characters of the first season of The Queen of the South

  1.  Antonio Gil as Oleg Yosikov
  2. Carmen Navarro as Conejo
  3. Alejandro Calva as Batman Guemes
  4. Christian Tappan as Willy Rangel
  5. Cuca Escribano as Sheila
  6. Eduardo Velasco as Abdelkaer Chaid
  7. Abdelali el Aziz as Ahmed
  8. Lincoln Palomeque as Sánchez Godoy
  9. Miguel Angel Blanco as Siso Pernas
  10. Juan José Arjona as Pablo Flores
  11. Quique Sanmartín as Telmo
  12. Carlos Aguilar as Benxamin
  13. Miguel de Miguel as Teo

New characters for this new season are:

  • Sara Vidorreta as Rocío Aljarafe
  • Agata Clares as Paloma Aljarafe
  • Emannuel Orenday as Danilo Márquez
  • Carmen Flores Sandoval as Charo
  • Maria Camila Giraldo as Jimena Montes
  • Vera Mercado as Virginia Vargas
  • Norma Angélica as Morgana
  • Eduardo Pérez as Sergio
  • Pol Monem as Juanito
  • Dmitry Anisimov as Anton
  • Aroha Hafez as Triana
  • Jesús Castro as Jesús
  • Anna Ciochetti as Marietta Lancaster 
  • Roberto Abraham Wohlmuth as Lencho

Discover the face of the actors and their characters in the second season of ‘The Queen of the South’

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